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My name is Miriam McCleary. Welcome to my site. I’m excited to share my experience and expertise in the field of psychology and gerontology. I am also an introvert advocate and specialist. 5432f85c-ce1e-e511-81b7-18a9054f0df2

Under Construction!

Hey Loves, Phillyitgirls.com is going under some major upgrades and updates!!! My readership has increased tremendously, and I thank you all for that so much. Your support is appreciated. What started off as a hobby is becoming a dream come true. Keep it locked for more gossip, current events, new music and so much more!!!! Please follow me on twitter @IAmMimiHoney and “Like” the Phillyitgirls Facebook Page. A special thank you to Yolanda, even though you are no longer apart of the site your hardwork did not go unoticed. You will always be a Phillyitgirl. I will be needing an assistant in the near future so email me ypfchange@gmail.com if you are interested. Keep in mind it is not a paid position, but an internship with great perks! Once again Stay blessed and come back soon!!!


Amber Rose “Fame” Song Isn’t Horrible!

The wait is over. What we all have been waiting for  Amber Rose featuring Wiz Khalifa, appropriately titled, Fame. Amber Rose literally rose to fame by dating rapper Kanye West which led to modeling,tv shows, and endless endorsement deals. I’ll be honest with ya’ll, I thought this was going to be some kind of joke, but this song sounds really good. Amber’s voice sounds good, because she’s not overdoing it.   It has that catchy, pop, electro vibe to it. Congrats, Girl! This is so much better that Kim Kardashian’s single 🙂